Our Story

Divinity LA is a creative team located in beautiful Los Angeles. We hand-make every bracelet with extreme passion and are eager to share our creations with the world.

Our products contain an eclectic mix of only the best beads from around the world, brought together to creatively inspire all our customers. We employ a carefully chosen group of Los Angeles artisans to craft each and every bracelet. Their dedicated hands are responsible for turning raw supplies into the fine creations that will make their way to wrists across the globe.

Whether it be strength, creativity, self-awareness, or compassion, we hope all who wear Divinity LA will be able to embody these good qualities and pass them on with gracious hearts. Each piece has its own meaningful character and purpose, making our bracelets every day reminders of positivity.

Most importantly, Divinity LA donates a portion of each sale to carefully selected foundations whose interests align with our mission and support the values associated with our merchandise. We are proud to offer products that embody our exceptional standards for quality, function, and personality. Beyond our jewelry we aim to convey a significance that will encourage our customers to continue our legacy and be positive assets to our world. We truly hope you enjoy.

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