Giraffe Conservation Foundation

GCF is established as a Namibian charitable and funding institution of a public character, with the objective to raise awareness for, provide support to and secure a future for giraffe, and conserve their habitat in Africa. More specifically with the objective to:

  1. Support the conservation of viable and existing habitat for giraffe
  2. Identify key threats to giraffe in Africa and develop innovative ways to mitigate these;
  3. Raise awareness for and promote the value of giraffe conservation in African Range States and internationally.
  4. Plan, develop, implement and administer projects and programmes, including the appointment of project staff, in support of its primary aim, and in co-operation with local communities and partner institutions as appropriate;
  5. Collaborate with local, national and international partners on giraffe conservation efforts in the interests of giraffe conservation in African Range States;
  6. Raise funds for giraffe conservation and management across Africa; and
  7. Maintain a close working relationship with the IUCN SSC Giraffe and Okapi Specialist Group (GOSG) to provide comprehensive awareness and technical support.